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Notre équipe

Notre équipe

Notre équipe
Notre équipe

Tenez-vous prêts à vivre la passionnante mission d'enseigner l'anglais aux plus petits.

Notre priorité est de trouver les personnes qui sauront enseigner et motiver les enfants à apprendre l'anglais, qui connecteront avec eux et feront preuve d'empathie envers les plus petits.

Une grande maîtrise de l'anglais, dynamisme, professionnalisme, empathie et une motivation majeure pour leur travail. Telles sont les principales caractéristiques de notre équipe de professeurs.

Permettez-nous de vous les présenter :

  • Brian


    Hello, I’m Brian. I’m an Englishman from Liverpool, but I’ve lived in Belgium for twenty years. During that time, I’ve always worked teaching English to adults, teenagers and primary school children. I didn’t speak French when I arrived, so I know all about the challenges of learning a new language. I’m also a musician and artist, and I’ve written four books. My other passion is disguise, which got me the job of stage presenter at various Belgian Rock festivals, so I’m quite dramatic and an entertainer. This playful side of myself really helps me to connect with kids, so it’s great pleasure to be part of the Kids&Us team.

  • Louise


    Hi, let me introduce myself, I’m Louise. I am a native speaker of English and I grew up in Australia. I have a wealth of experience teaching, tutoring and correcting English for more than twenty years and translating from French to English for fifteen. I look forward to providing the opportunity for the students in my classes to build their confidence in their English skills by assisting them to make solid recognizable progress. My aim is for your children to remain inquisitive, learn actively and participate enthusiastically. It should be a fun adventure for us and I am looking forward to teaching at Kids&Us. I am outgoing, cheerful and friendly, and have always been keen to have long conversations with friends, family and new acquaintances. I feel comfortable in the company of people of all ages, and from vastly diverse cultural backgrounds. I thoroughly enjoy language learning, art, music, hiking, watching films, reading, drawing and painting.

  • Zhaleh


    My name is Zhaleh. I’m a PhD candidate in literary studies at the VUB. I have always been fond of children. As a freshman, my first official part-time job was teaching English at a kindergarten during the summer break in 2010. I also received my teaching certificate (TTC) and qualification to teach English in 2012. I’m passionate about child psychology and love teaching children because I care about their development. I’m also interested in helping achieve sustainable development goals like no poverty, zero hunger, and gender equality. Every child, I firmly believe, deserves the opportunity to learn. Personally, I always try to keep my inner child alive to enjoy every bit of my life, cherishing the ability of that child’s wonder at the world around it.

  • Hiba


    My name is Hiba. I’m 22 and I’m currently a student at the university of Liège. My parents are both Moroccan but I was born in Italy and I lived there for most of my life. I moved to Belgium when I was 14 and I had to learn French quickly. I believe that my experience with all these different languages allows me to understand Kids&Us methodology better than anyone else. That’s why, I really believe this type of learning is the best a child and a parent could ask for. Because of my parents I was introduced to different languages at a young age and that’s why I believe in this methodology.

  • Dimitra


    Allow me to briefly introduce myself to you. I am Dimitra, fluent speaker in English and French, perfectionising my German while embarking on a PhD in philosophy and learning Spanish as a foreign language, my native language being Greek. It is an absolute joy to contribute in creating a linguistically enchanting environnement for your children to easily assimilate English, with precision and fun simultaneously. My priority consists in bringing to the fore the beauty of learning. Let's go!

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